#LITEROMA Book Review :: ‘Death Served Cold’ by Sourabh Mukherjee

 ** Thanks to our reviewer for reviewing the book on behalf of Literoma. **

‘Death Served Cold’ by corporate turned author Sourabh Mukherjee brings an insight to the world of dark feminism. It's a continuum of short narratives based on real incidents; and is thus listed under 'Non fiction' category. Women assassins, over the decades, who have committed world's brutalest murders, have found a corner in Sourabh's latest title.

With the advent of technology, research has become quite easy these days and the reason of bringing this point in our review is the extensive details provided by author, supporting each narrative and involved characters. Readers would be left chilled to read the brutalities or coldness with which those murders were committed. 

Narration style is also quite absorbing. However, the cover page could have been lot better. It does not appeal to us! 

We would like to wish Mr. Mukherjee, the author, all the very best for his future writing stints. Readers looking for adult contents, would land up on the right plane. 

Our overall rating: 4*/5*.

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